Unleash your Inhibition | Chakra Series Part 7 or 7

  • Samadhi 4856 Cass Street San Diego, CA, 92109 United States

Unleash your Voice - Chakra Series is a community offering exploring the Chakra system using sound, voice & improvisation. Your participation is essential in co-creating the experience.

How it works: 
Over the course of 7 months (Jan-July 2017) we will gather at different spaces around San Diego around the time of each new moon. These live experience will go deep into each chakra by clearing stuck energy associated within the center. Participants may join for one session, all 7 and any combination in between. Sessions stand alone however, it is encouraged that you try to attend all 7. No music or singing experience necessary. Instruments are welcome but an emphasis is on using voice for healing.

JULY 21st Unleash Your Inhibition | Vocal Exploration through the Crown Chakra.


Guided meditation - connection to source
Ancient and Contemporary Chants to align body
Sound play and vocal exercises themed by our divine oneness to all.

Ideal for those who: 
Seek a deeper understanding of your voice and its expansiveness
Are looking to expand your toolbox for inner awareness of mind-body-spirit
Get energized by participating in community music collaborations
Wish to raise your inner vibration and promote soul level healing
Long for a space to tune into vocal/sound creativity without judgment or expectation.

About the Facilitator:
Sita Rose draws from different world traditions, rituals, kirtan & yoga practices, Plus over 6 years experience facilitating group classes as a board certified music therapist. LEARN MORE

Friday Evenings 2017 JAN - JULY
($15 in Advance | $20 at door)