I invited Sita Rose to be a guest facilitator at one of my 3-day retreats, and she did an OUTSTANDING job! The energy she brings is dynamic, embodied, playful, wise, loving, and very attuned.

One thing that sets her apart is her unique and varied skill set. Toning, singing, chakra balancing, teaching, music therapy, storytelling, and ceremonial music...are just a few of the amazing tools in her toolbox...and she does it like nobody else!

Kristyn Caetano, MPH, CHt

 Business Alchemist + Intuitive Life Design Strategist. @ elixifyyourlife.com

I have never experienced deep work quite like hers. Sita Rose is a special person, and truly knows how to infuse healing and self discovery through her work. Love is her medicine, and music is her medium! It’s beautiful to witness and receive.
— Kristyn Caetano

"Sita Rose is true light! She is extremely talented, creative, playful and warm! I have had the opportunity to attend 6 of her workshops plus a one on one private session. Each experience is so beautifully different and all very healing! Sita Rose's creates a playful and comforting environment that allows you to be safe, open and free."



Lisa Trudersheim,  Yoga Teacher

 Backyard Yoga San Diego, CA

One-on-one lessons with Sita Rose is unlike anything else you might come across in San Diego. It was such a highlight of my week to learn from her. Always open to shift focus on whatever was calling to me in the moment, whether the harmonium, piano, ukulele, voice, breath, meditation, or just chatting about life. She is not only extremely knowledgeable in the gift of music, but even more so a dedicated, connected, and passionate soul that inspires you as a student to be a sponge. Her smile and laugh alone will make your day too!
— Robin Ellam, student