Shruti Box
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The Shruti Box is a hand-pumped reed instrument used to provide droning chords and notes. It is a wonderful sound to accompany the voice, flute, or other melodic instrument. The fixed, droning nature of the Shruti Box is perfect for tuning the voice or for exploring the notes in a given key scale.

Each one is handcrafted and fine-tuned by Monoj Kr. Sardar & Bros, experienced and well-trusted Indian instrument makers. The exterior is made of wood, with cloth bellows and reeds allowing the sound to be pumped through the chambers of the box. It is similar to the harmonium in its overall sound and uses, but much simpler to operate and less moving parts to maintain. Not to mention, it's a lot smaller to carry around....a super portable Harmonium style instrument for any setting!

The Shruti Boxes we carry have chromatic tuning based on western classical tuning where A = 440 Hz. Beautiful Sounds is pleased to offer shruti boxes with either a full octave (13 notes) or three full octaves (36 notes), and each Shruti Box comes with a well padded protective carrying case.

Shruti Box Measurements:
Height: 12.25" | Width: 16" | Depth (Closed): 3.25" | Depth (Open): 14"




Koshi chimes are wonderful portable sound tools.  Beautiful Sounds is excited to bring you the full set of Koshi chimes, which include all 4 tunings inspired by the elements:

  • Aqua ~ Water

  • Terra ~ Earth

  • Ignus ~ Fire

  • Aria ~ Air


Never before has there been an instrument that so easily lends itself to such a wide variety of therapeutic situations. It is also a wonderful instrument for any healing practitioner or for solo enjoyment as you can make no wrong note with the pentatonic tuning.

All models of the Reverie Harp come with a carrying case for easy travel for the player on the go.  Optional items, but *highly* recommended, are an electronic tuner and portable folding stand!



Freenotes xylophones are so easy to play and allow anyone to create enchanting music. These beautifully designed percussion instruments are the perfect first instrument for both kids and adults, but also the perfect next addition to any healing or meditation instrument collection. 

Music is a language anyone can learn intuitively.  Freenotes percussion instruments are designed to be easy to play and enjoyable. Many musical instruments are difficult to play and the scale systems too complex for untrained musicians. With Freenotes musical instruments, music becomes simple enough for anyone to play — with no training! The proof is in your ears — listen & hear for yourself.

Freenotes are available in several different models through Beautiful Sounds, including their Wings and complementary Bass Octaves, in the keys of A Minor, C Major, D Minor and G Major.


Lightweight and versatile, the Monolini, along with the more robust Monolina is a portable monochord instrument handcrafted by Feeltone in Germany.  These are mesmerizing and harmonizing sound healing instruments are designed so anyone can play them with minimal instruction, but are complex enough that musicians can also use them for performance.  Used for sound bathing, sound meditation or to accompany singing.  And thanks to their light weight, these instruments can easily be used for on the body vibrational therapy, which of course totally delights us here at Beautiful Sounds!  
The Monochord combines the energizing overtones with the deeper tones of an octave and fifth tuning and, optional, melody. Spreads the sound gently and quickly from the area where it touches the body into the body itself. With its slightly rounded bottom and light weight, you can lay the monochord on your back, stomach or legs for sound massage

I am honored to be partnering with @ BeautifulSounds.Co as an affiliate ‘Sound Ambassador’ for their instruments. Specifically I share the Shruti Box because of its dynamic counter-part to vocal work. Learn more using this link.