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Pilgrimage of the Heart Kirtan


Pilgrimage of the Heart offers Kirtan, a musical meditation practice, free to the community, on Thursday evenings at 8:30pm in the Normal Heights east room. Kirtan is a chanting meditational practice with it’s origin in the Bhakti tradition of yoga; The practice of devotion to your creator. By singing and chanting we vibrate our bodies in a very primal way. Singing feels good! And by occupying our minds with a ‘Mantra,” a meaningful devotional phrase we are better able to focus our attention on the task at hand… devotion to our creator, creation and our place in it. At it’s very best Kirtan is a deeply profound and moving meditational practice. Pilgrimage of the Heart Kirtan plays chants from the five major faith based systems, ancient and contemporary mantra and song.


Listen to Ablums 

Pilgrimage of the Heart has released two albums of call and respond style music.  Sky Blue Flower (recorded live) 2016 and Jai Ram Sita Ram (studio recording) 2015. Elevate your awareness and occupy your mind with positive mantra music.


Features: Chants from Spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007). He composed over 21,000 songs and chants in Bengali and English. 

$9.99 on CD BABY


Featuring soulful and heartfelt chants for entering a deeper and higher state of consciousness. 

$9.99 on CD BABy


Festivals & Celebrations

We have played at numerous special events and festivals including; International Day of Yoga Festival,  Adams Avenue Unplugged, New Years Eve World Celebration at the World Beat Center, Live Music Yoga Classes Hortan Plaza in Downtown San Diego, Ocean Beach Farmers Markets. 

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Thursday Night Kirtan

Join us every Thursday from 8:30-9:30pm in Normal Heights @ Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio (East Room) for an authentic Kirtan Practice.


3287 Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92116

$5 DONATION for non - members

Kirtan Band Members 

Tom Warner | bass, vocals
Sita Rose | harmonium, vocals
Fast Heart Mart  | lead guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals
Sujantra | guitar, percussion, vocals
Joe Schwab | percussion, vocals