Open Your Ears, Listen


Collaborative contemporary chant project designed to promote healing through music and mantra.

Music is a common denominator in most of my relationships,  but especially in my work as a music therapist with children who have special needs.  Music bridges the gap between typical communication, social norms, and sensory/behavioral needs. I am grateful to witness the power of music daily and how it connects us to one another. Open your Ears is a chant  inspired by my students and the teachings they offer.

I work with a little girl who has limited vision and verbal communication. She also has impeccable sense of rhythm and pitch. One day during session, I tried to redirect her away from the drums she was currently playing  to sit and participate in a highly structured intervention.  Aware of my agenda,  I paused for a moment to observe her with a smile on her face, playing a complicated rhythm on the djembe, embodying joy.  In that moment I was reminded of something my yoga teacher said about listening to the breath during asana practice.  Information gleaned from the breath is reflected in how we are able to maintain a smooth steady cadence.  Listening to the breath is a practice that extends into personal relationships to offer deeper understanding, awareness and overall connection.  

Often I find my brain wanting to control situations, which can interrupt magic in the making.  Music, like the breath, offers the brain a tool to live in the moment as it makes sense of each note sequentially.  I attribute yoga for opening my ears to be more present simply by listening without  the need to craft a response or answer. 

Open your ears. Listen to what your students, teachers, co-workers, parents, lovers, or friends have to communicate you and you will open yourself to love. 

 ~ F E A T U R I N G ~                                              

Veronica May (guitar)  Michelle Lazar (flute)

Sita Rose (harmonium) Marielle Joy Sheppel (percussion) 

Michelle Tobias (ukulele)  Emma Byrd (djembe) 

Video produced by Jordan Guzzardo ~

“Open your ears, l i s t e n
Open your heart, s e e
Open your mind, s p e a k what is r e a l
Its the power of music you can f e e l

Open your ears, l i s t e n
Open your mind, f e e l
Open your heart, s e e
What the power of music can r e v e a l

Open your ears, l i s t e n
Open your mind, f e e l
Open your heart, s e e
how the power of music heals the s o u l

Vayam gitam gayama
the power of music heals the s o u l”
Laura Anderson