Made of the Earth


Collaborative contemporary chant project designed to promote healing through music and mantra.

'We are made of the Earth' chant inspires the spirit to align to Earth's natural rhythm and sound of nature.  Whenever human circumstances or stressors toss spirit off blance we must return to nature.  Flowers don't question when it is time to bloom.  May we follow their lead and sing to their vibrational frequency to recalibrate our bodies, minds and spirit to our natural state of being.  It's that simple.

~ F E A T U R I N G ~                                              

Connor Correll (guitar)

Marlo Smith (cello)

Darci Fontenot (djembe)

Paul Provencio (native american flute)

Sita Rose (harmonium)

 ~ Video produced by Jordan Guzzardo ~

“Magnetic lullaby, sweet conscious hear my cry
Attune me to your sun align me to the moon
Romance these flowers and sing unto them
We are made of the Earth” 
Laura Anderson