Om Devi Chant


Collaborative contemporary chant project designed to promote healing through music and mantra.

Inspiration for this month's chant is grounded in personal experience with death and questions asked by artist, Dario Robleto. In a conversation with Krista Tippett of OnBeing, Robleto says:  "Loss is about letting go. But that we let go with the hope that others will grab hold. These objects ask very human moral questions. What right do we have to forget? What do we owe to each other’s memories?" Our children may not know their grandparents, but the parent holds their spirit, their memories, breathing life to their existence. When our time comes to return to the earth, may those we impact recall memories of our spirit so that we may live.  So go make memories. Each breath holds the potential for making a memory. 

 ~ F E A T U R I N G ~                                              

Jaiya Kai (djembe) 

Sita Rose (harmonium)

Christian Reynoso  (didgeridoo, djembe) 

Video by Jordan Guzzardo

“We are one with the ones who have come before
May their Spirit live out in our memory
We are one with the ones who have yet to come
May our Spirit live out in their memory”

Om Devi Om. 

~ In loving memory of Rae & Gail Guzzardo ~

Laura Anderson