Master of Light


Collaborative contemporary chant project designed to promote healing through music and mantra.

Drum roll please. 

At last, the final edition of the Sacred Song Series vibrates. 

We produced 12 chants in 12 months, gathering over 40 local musicians to promote meditation and healing through music.  Thank to listeners, supporters, and musicians. Your passion and devotion is inspiring. Hope you've enjoyed this project as much as we have. From my heart to yours.... om shanti.  

“Let your life shine. Do not hide your light under a bushel. Do not turn back in regret. Rather go inward, source inward, for your light, for your love, for your heart’s desires, your life’s path, your integrity, and bring forth the presence of your being.”
— Barbara Brennan, Seeds of the Spirit

 F E A T U R I N G ~                                              

Xavier Bailey (djembe) 

Benjamin Sol (conga) 

Sita Rose (harmonium)

Tupuca (udu pot)

 Video produced by Jordan Guzzardo

"Master of light I shine through you  Creator of love, so as above" 

Laura Anderson