Lay it Down


Collaborative contemporary chant project designed to promote healing through music and mantra.


Solos by Keng Doja (guitar) & Yaron Guez (keyboard) members of 'Royal Heart'

Sita Rose (harmonium), Q Ortiz  (cajon) 

Anila Kanchan Madiraju (response vocals)

“Take my burden lay it down, I don’t need it hanging ‘round. 
Take my worries lay it down, I don’t need it hanging round. 
Take my troubles lay it down, I don’t need it hanging round. 
I don’t need nothing, ‘cuz happiness sits within.

This month's new moon in Pisces aligns with a Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox making it a powerful time to start something new.  This chant intends to re-calibrate the mind by ridding thoughts of desire, expectation, anxiety, and need for outside substances.  By taking a more active approach in cutting ties to habitual thought patterns, my hope is that as you chant or listen you may start to feel lighter.  Pisces also concludes the zodiac calendar making it a pivitol time to set intentions, strengthening new thought paterns that serve your highest intention. 

Laura Anderson