Anatomy of Sound

This is an image of your vocal folds. Look familiar?

This is an image of your vocal folds. Look familiar?

Did you know that the cellular tissue of your vocal folds is the same tissue found in your vagina? Your Voice and Vagina are intimately linked. When I talk about creative juices, I don’t just mean creative projects. I mean vaginal health and the quality in which you embrace your sensual, sexual self.  The quality of your voice directly mirrors the health of your sexuality and, let’s face it, how wet you get. Your voice is what pleasure sounds like. Fall in love with you, your sound, and your vibration.

Ladies. I’m here to tell you that as we age, your voice gets older too. If one is dry, the other is too. The sound of your voice aging is an outward expression of the wise womb.

The same correlation can apply to childbirth. A free, open, uninhibited voice is reflected in the vagina when pushing a human out. Intimately connecting with your voice, not only feels good, but it also connects you to your sexuality, womb space, Shakti energy (whatever you want to call it).

Voice of the Creatrix will dive into how and where sound is produced.  Vocal placement and how to use the voice. With awareness of your voice, you can create new pathways to change and turn yourself all the way ON.

Voice of the Creatrix is a 3-month Online Program to set you up with vocal strengthening practices and connects you to your creative flow. We being March 7 2019 and go until May 30, 2019.

My mission is to see more women fully expressing the power of their Divine nature. Say YES to participating in the program now and receive an additional $100 off when you pay in full ($595) by Jan 25th.  


Laura Anderson