Permission Granted <> Voice of the Creatrix

Permission Granted.

Permission is the first topic in the Voice of the Creatrix program. Each week we will look at an emotional application of creativity and how it affects our ability to connect with our voice.

Over the holiday season I was reflecting on how we are granted permission to stay home with our families, enjoy a meal, and slooooww down. Most stores are closed, the banks are empty,  and for a few days the city is quiet. Consider it a built-in opportunity to surrender to the stillness. But this only happens once a year. The other days of the year we must take the opportunity to slow down, get quiet and simply be.

Permission is a sneaky thing. It can show up when we look outside of ourselves for validation. When creating; a song, a story, a business, a painting, a meal, a project, a workshop, a new (fill in the blank)  if we wait for someone else to give us the go ahead  we could spend our whole life waiting. What a shame.

Even when I give myself the time and space to create, I notice when I share it with others I tend to seek their permission that what I’m creating matters and I should keep going. But who cares? If the very process of creating is cathartic for me, why does it matter? I am a creator. I love creating. I’m at my best when I am creating and don’t I want that for myself? My answer is yes. I release the need to seek permission from outside sources who more often than not clouded by their own creative inconsistencies.

Are you ready to give yourself permission to create the things you are on this Earth to do? Let’s activate your voice for optimal expression

Why wait until the stars align perfectly for you to create them? I don’t mean to burst your bubble but, the perfect scenario for you to create won’t appear. You have to make time for what inspires you. No one is going to give you permission better than you can give it to yourself.  

Voice of the Creatrix is a 3-month permission granting immersion to set you up with vocal strengthening practices and (re) connect you to your creative flow.

We being March 7 2019 and go until May 30, 2019.

This program is valued at $1200, but in an attempt to make this affordable for all women and because this is the first program of its kind, I’m offering for 40% off $695. Receive an additional $100 off when you pay in full by Jan 7th. Payment plans are available.

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Laura Anderson