I invited Sita Rose to be a guest facilitator at one of my 3-day retreats, and she did an OUTSTANDING job! The energy she brings is dynamic, embodied, playful, wise, loving, and very attuned.

One thing that sets her apart is her unique and varied skill set. Toning, singing, chakra balancing, teaching, music therapy, storytelling, and ceremonial music...are just a few of the amazing tools in her toolbox...and she does it like nobody else!

Kristyn Caetano, MPH, CHt

Business Alchemist + Intuitive Life Design Strategist. @ elixifyyourlife.com


 "I first heard Sita Rose's voice at the end of one of my yoga classes, a Durga Chant rippled through the room and her voice held within it a vast force. The force of confidence that contains beauty. My students felt both held and transported. SitaRose's voice feels like it creates a bridge between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and the feeling the mantra evokes can be accessed within. It is magical. 

Sarah Tomlinson, Yantrica, mother, author of Coloring Yantras, Shambhala Publications,


I have never experienced deep work quite like hers. Sita Rose is a special person, and truly knows how to infuse healing and self discovery through her work. Love is her medicine, and music is her medium! It’s beautiful to witness and receive.
— Kristyn Caetano
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Having SitaRose at our retreat was indeed a treat. Through her voice guided class, all the participants were able to dive deep into their heart and experience a connection like never before. She also hosted morning private yoga classes which not only were a nice beginning to a long day but also helped every participant to relax and drop into their body so they can experience the day in a different way. She is truly the best at what she does when it comes to recreating a new relationship with mind and heart, body and soul.

Zlata Sushchik, BSBA, EMBA, FSN

Creator of SexyFit Method

One-on-one lessons with Sita Rose is unlike anything else you might come across in San Diego. It was such a highlight of my week to learn from her. Always open to shift focus on whatever was calling to me in the moment, whether the harmonium, piano, ukulele, voice, breath, meditation, or just chatting about life. She is not only extremely knowledgeable in the gift of music, but even more so a dedicated, connected, and passionate soul that inspires you as a student to be a sponge. Her smile and laugh alone will make your day too!
— Robin Ellam, student
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I've had the pleasure of having Sita Rose offer a workshop for the past 2 years in my Children's Yoga Certification training. Her knowledge of the benefits of Music Therapy for children along with her contagious energy has made her workshop one of the popular aspects of the training. She embodies joy, love and grace and offers a beautiful experience, encouraging freedom of expression, finding and owning your voice and allowing your truth and light to shine through. Being in her presence is truly a gift!

Shawnee Thornton Hardy, Certified Yoga Therapist

Author of Asanas for Autism and Special Needs C.A.L.M.M. Toolkit

“Sita Rose is true light! She is extremely talented, creative, playful and warm! I have had the opportunity to attend 6 of her workshops plus a one on one private session. Each experience is so beautifully different and all very healing! Sita Rose’s creates a playful and comforting environment that allows you to be safe, open and free.”
— Lisa Trudersheim, workshop participant
Devra Testimonial

"I have had the extreme pleasure to both host Laura as a workshop presenter at my event AND attend her voice journeys. Sita Rose is a brilliant and gentle presenter, allowing each participant to feel safe, open and playful. Her expertise with her own gorgeous voice is an inspiration to behold. Sita Rose's musicianship on the harmonium and skill leading chants is pure ecstasy."

Devra Gregory, LMT Multi-Faceted Performer

Sacred Flame Fire Priestess