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7-week Online Women’s Vocal Coaching Program

Next Program Starts Oct 3 2019

Creatrix (noun) A feminine creator.

Join the global sisterhood of women, like you, who desire to unleash their voice. Perhaps your inner Goddess has been screaming at you to let her out more. She’s ready to SHINE. Practice loving your voice, your unique vibrational blueprint.

  1. Have you wanted to sing more freely or take risks with your voice, but feel blocked in your throat?

  2. Have you felt called to take singing lessons but didn’t resonate with the approach?

  3. Have you wanted to sing simply for the joy of singing but are crippled by perfectionism and self judgement?

  4. Do you lose your voice or get sore throats often?

This program is for any woman who desires to turn up the volume on their creative expression and cut through limiting beliefs. If you’re new at singing, great. If you have decades of experience, superb. All levels welcome. You will receive support from the group process, but your growth is yours to nourish.


Over 7 weeks we will lean into embodied practices to awaken the Divine Feminine Creatrix that you are as well as practical vocal embodiment exercises to strengthen your voice. You will learn how to integrate healthy vocal technique into your every day expression. Open up and share within a safe, loving, and supportive container.

Thursday Evenings

6:30 - 7:30pm PST Oct 3 - Nov 21 2019

* * *

Week 1 Permission, Grounding Practices for the Vagus Nerve

Week 2 Sensuality of Singing, Chakra Practice

Week 3 Breath of Devotion, Energizing Practices

Week 4 Singing through Self Sabotage and Fear

Week 5 Anatomy of the Voice, Energetic Practices

Week 6 Tuning into your Intuition with Vocal Improvisation

Week 7 Harmonizing with the Frequency of Creatrix

Are you ready to share your voice? The world is waiting.

Why is this important? This work spills out into how you create your life. Think about how often you communicate, express your creativity, and articulate your desires. What happens when you can share your passion and vision with the world with confidence? The world will listen.

Schedule a 15-min DISCOVERY CALL to see if this program is right for you.

INVESTMENT ($850 Value)

$595 Early Enrollment Receive a discount when you pay in full before Sept 9, 2019 [$695 after 9/9/19]


Email Sita Rose to set up payment plans

  • $388 2 payments Totals $776 [Receive $100 off when you make your first payment before Sept 9]

  • $265 3 payments Totals $795 [Receive $100 off when you make your first payment before Sept 9]


BONUS ($225 Value)


  • Meditation download “Tuning the body for vocal activation”

  • Free album download of “In Essence”

  • 20-minute audio Vocal Warm Up

  • Two private 60-minute sessions with Sita Rose

  • Access to private facebook Creatrix group

BOOST ($500 Value)


  • 9 Planet Ayurvedic Consultation- In this 2-hour consultation you’ll receive insights into areas of your life through the lens of Vedic astrology. You will receive unique practices informed by your chart designed to amplify your voice and how you express yourself in the world.

  • 2 additional private 60-minute online sessions with Sita Rose- For a total of 4 private sessions throughout the course.


I loved the Voice of the Creatrix™ program! Sita Rose created a beautiful supportive group experience where we were held in a sacred and safe container. We shared, laughed, sang, screamed and unleashed our voice. I made new friends, found comfort in showing my face on video, released any self judgments on singing and shared my voice. This experience has helped me integrate more of my voice with the Forest Academy, which has had a positive effect on my ability to lead. I am so happy I gave myself this gift, trusted in the process and flow where I needed to go. I am eternally so grateful!
— Maria T
Sita Rose is a firecracker of sensual, tantric, sacred, feminine creative energy! The container for the Creatrix Program felt so safe and nourishing. Being a part of this circle will undoubtedly help you amplify and embody your own divine Shakti Power.
— Michelle C
For many years, I hid my voice and was so afraid to be heard. As a women’s leader and spiritual healer, the further opening of my throat chakra has been a priority and I joined The Voice of the Creatrix program in order to support my voice, allowing me more confidence to speak and sing the messages of empowerment and healing that I was born to teach.  Not only did this program help support my opening, but I also connected with and learned from such beautiful women in the program including Sita Rose. The support of the Goddesses in this group has been wonderful, and the energy that Sita Rose brings is both nurturing and powerful.”
— Melissa B